Burano… Fresh linen rainbows

I’ve visited Venice many times before, in fact it’s safe to say Venice is probably my favourite city in the world. I’m not sure what it is about Venice that keeps me returning…the mystery of the canals, the ornate facades of buildings being gently lapped by waves, the endless wandering that can leave you lost for hours or the drama and culture which appears around every corner. I had always known there were other little island villages close by and while I had ventured to some, I had never sailed as far as Burano, until a few weeks ago.

Located to the north-east of Venice, just over an hour by ferry boat, this little gem is a world away from the bustle of Piazza San Marco. Welcomed by a soft scent of fresh linen, this only gets stronger the closer you get to the canals fringed by a rainbow of house facades with matching boats and laundry hanging from traditional window sills. It’s like walking through a painted fairytale.

Below is a collection of images from my recent visit to Burano. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Venice by sure to stop by this water wonderland, it’s truly not to be missed…x


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