Great Ocean Road – Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Australia is a pretty amazing country and I knew we had some incredible coastlines but until the moment I stepped out of my car and a chilly gust of salty air hit my face I didn’t know how incredible it really was.  When the Twelve Apostles appeared in front of me the fact my face was frozen instantly took a back seat and I had to stand and stare at the beauty in front of me. I’ve always been a beach girl but I think it’s the height of the majestic cliffs that really gives this place a special little something…

Tanja and Michael had flown all the way from Germany to get married in Australia and when they asked me to photograph them amongst the scenery of the Great Ocean Road it was an easy ‘absolutely yes!’…here is a little peek of the photo shoot we did at various locations along this incredible coastline including Cape Otway, the Californian Redwood Forest, Gibson’s Steps and Loch Ard Gorge…

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Great Ocean Road - Love your photos. What amazing places you chose to have photos. If you can’t choose one place. Why not choose them all! Best wishes for the future.

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