Honeymoon Inspiration… London, United Kingdom.

A city of pomp, tradition and all things royal, I’ve always been sweet on London since I first walked through the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport; eighteen, solo and ready for adventure. For loved up honeymooners, the city is the perfect starting point for a European escapade. In the best way possible, London tends to throw culture in your face with it’s bright ruby red icons, flashy underground and remnants of history around every single corner. On a weekday I’ve always found everyone is walking in the opposite direction and if you wander the opposite way long enough you’ll stumble upon the likes of mighty Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Harrod’s, Hyde Park (keep an eye out for super cute squirrels!) or my favourites Covent Garden and the inspiring Westminster Abbey. Be sure to venture away from the major attractions at some stage though and stroll through the likes of Notting Hill, Camden or catch a regional train to the stunning Bath or Lake District. One recommendation if you’re arriving for the first time is to catch the underground to Westminster Station, walk out of the Bridge St exit and look up to the sky…you’ll be standing directly under Big Ben and it will blow your jet-laggy blues away! x





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