Queenstown Destination Wedding, New Zealand – Melaina + Josh

Queenstown Wedding Photography: Incredible landscapes, love and a little bit of snow, what could be a better combination for an elopement in New Zealand? Melaina and Josh decided to elope to Queenstown, New Zealand and I can safely say it was the most scenic ceremony location I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness. Standing on the edge of a rock formation called ‘The Ledge’ 1800m above Lake Wakatipu on Cecil Peak it’s definitely not a ceremony location if heights are a worry but if you’re after spectacular views of snow capped mountains this is the spot for you. Words can’t really describe the locations we visited for their photographs, I can only share a snippet of the photographs below and hope that it inspires if not a destination wedding, a holiday to the amazing South Island of New Zealand. I had so many ‘WOW’ moments that I left Queenstown knowing I’ll be back one day soon to explore a little more…x


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Queenstown Wedding Photographer

Queenstown Wedding Photographer


If you are thinking of a Queenstown Wedding, let me know and I’d love to chat about the possibility of photographing your wedding. Email lisa@lisamicheleburns.com for package information.

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CurvySam - Spectacular photos Lisa. Queenstown is a magical location for a wedding.

Jo - AMAZING, AMAZING photos Lisa!!! x

monducci emanuela - Wow sei bravissima

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