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Lisa Michele Burns

Editor + Founder of The Wandering Lens | OM SYSTEM Ambassador

Educator + Mentor at Travel Photography Courses


I photograph regions of environmental significance, wildlife, and outdoor adventures, with a little sprinkle of aerial photography, luxury resorts, and remote wilderness lodges on the side. My work aims to document the beauty and fragility of nature, the small patterns and textures within a landscape that have been carved over millions of years through geological processes and the elements.

After seeing my first iceberg in Greenland, and flying above Sermeq Kujalleq, I can't get enough of glaciers, they fascinate me in every way. Later in 2024, I'll be commencing studies in Antarctic and Climate Science to learn more about the landscapes I photograph.


The Wandering Lens -

The Wandering Lens was launched back in 2015 as a travel publishing company. The readers, photographers and followers have helped shape its direction since then, and I’m so proud of the creative community that’s evolved.

Now, we still publish and share destination guides, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about connecting like-minded photographers through creative development with online courses, resources and every so often, the chance to meet up in person!

So far, we’ve met up in Iceland, Finland, Japan, the Cook Islands, Australia, Namibia and France to photograph together. Online, there’s a new group mentoring membership on the way to better serve those keen on building their portfolio, pursuing goals as a photographer and networking with other freelancers and photographers.

If you’re keen to join us on an adventure, or would like to take part in a course and join the group mentoring program, get in touch directly via or sign up to any course and be invited to the private Facebook group, exclusive for the course community of photographers.

Gear wise I'm very proud to be an OM SYSTEM (Olympus) Ambassador, working with the incredible team from OM SYSTEM to showcase what this innovative brand is capable of. The  OM-1 and OM-1 MKII are my go to cameras; they're weatherproof, lightweight and have been with me in arctic conditions and searing tropical heat without failing once.

A little fun series of facts: I’m a cautious adventurer. My portfolio might make it look like I’m fearless, but I get those anxious butterflies before every trip, get wildly seasick, need to stop regularly and ‘take photos (breathe/recover)’ while hiking, and have been in tears while driving across Australia because I suddenly realised I can’t change a tyre if I got stuck out there. I also love dogs, will stop to cuddle as many as possible, I’m a weather geek and love tracking storms, checking forecasts, and watching cloud formations.

If you have a project to discuss, or would like to chat further, please reach out via I'd love to hear from you.




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